I have been looking for a sot that I can afford for fishing. I have been offered a pelican sot for 100 bucks, can’t beat the price. I really know nothing about this brand, I have three sit ins, and I want to try a sot for fishing. I don’t think I have much to lose for the price, any suggestions about this type of yak. Pros-cons?

Not great but the price is good.
I really don’t think mush of the Pelican boats I’ve seen. But I might even buy one for $100. You could try it and if you don’t like it sell it quickly. It would be cheaper than renting one for a week or two.

IMO… pelicans (do not deserve the capital letter) are the bottom of the line boats.

I’ve never seen one that was strong (I can deform them with my thumb), they fail to clean the mold-seams so there are those ridges all over it.

Yes they are cheap but I’d rather trust my life to a better boat, even used from CL.