Pelly River, Yukon Territory..

Anyone out there familiar with the put-in on the Pelly at Faro…? I’m headed out that way June 18th to do the Pelly/Yukon to Dawson City paddle…

Pelly River
I lived in Faro for a few years… unfortunately back then I wasn’t such an avid paddler - I didn’t spend much time on the water :frowning:

The pelly is a great river, I’m sure you’ll have a great trip.

Have you looked into starting a little further up river? Ross River (about 70km up river) could be a good launch point - there used to be a Ross River to Faro Raft Race, the rafts made it down in one day, without much paddling - just to give you a idea of the speed of the current.

If you want even more remoteness, you could start up on the Ross - you’d have to drive up North Canol Road and get someone to drop you off. I dropped off a some friends who were doing the trip. They started at Sheldon Lake (I might not have the right name) near the NWT border. It’s supposed to be some of the best paddling in the region.

I must admit, I’m a little jealous. Maybe in two years I’ll have some time to get up there for a paddle.

Have a great trip.


Faro on the map looks to be
a few miles from the banks of the Pelly…How far is it…? I may start at Ross…I will drop off the gear and my pard on the bank of the river and drive to Dawson where I will leave the truck and make my way back to the put-in…I figger One day to shuttle back to Whitehorse and then maybe hitch hike to Faro or Ross the next day and shove off on the river…Do you know of a shuttle from Whitehorse to Faro…?

Travel Back To Faro
Faro is built on an escarpment - about 3km from the river. There is plenty of area to put in at the bridge.

If you decide to leave from Ross, there is also lots of room to put in, you would probably do so at the barge that crosses the river.

I believe there is a bus that runs to Faro from Whitehorse - at least there used to be one. As well, from Whitehorse, you could take the plane. I think Alkan Air still flies there.

Note that you don’t need to go all the way back to Whitehorse after you drop of your truck. You only need to go as far back as Carmacks and then to Faro via the Campbell Highway.