Pennsylvainia River Guide book(s)

Can anyone recommend a good guide for paddling the streams of Pennsylvainia? Thanks.

Keystone Canoeing
By Ed Gertler


Ed’s book is a classic but generally covers the streams of central and eastern PA with a few rivers from western PA included. If you are looking for whitewater info, “Appalachian Whitewater Part 2: The Central Mountains” is not bad. Where do you live?

AYH Guidebook
The American Youth Hostel, Pittsburgh chapter published a guidebook called Canoeing Guide to Western PA and Northern WV. Unfortunately it’s been out of print for some time. We keep one for reference at our shop if you’re interested(Exkursion in Monroeville) or you might be able to find one online if you look hard.

I have the AYH guidebook for western PA and frankly, I wouldn’t advise anyone to spend a lot of time looking for it. It really didn’t offer much useful description of the rivers, IMO.

AYH Guide
If you don’t like it, may I have it?

I’ll see
if I can dig it up. Unfortunately, our house has sustained 5 floods in which many of my books were damaged or destroyed. That one might have bit the dust, but I will check.

Any idea what happened to the update?
A couple years ago it was available online at the TRPC board. The idea was to update the whole thing. Comments and improved descriptions were sought. You could type in your info online. Then it disappeared and I never heard anything about a re-write. I probably missed the explanation.

A little out dated
but useful info at

I used to have a link to this, but the site must have moved. Appreciate the new link.

Must have bitten the dust (water)
Can’t find it. Guess it got tossed after a flood.