Penobscot or Mohawk

Is any of the Mohawk canoes similar to a Penobscot? The Penob has 1.5 rocker but what about the Mohawks? They don’t list it. The Mohawk seems a little heavier but that’s about the only difference I noticed in eithers spec sheet.



According to the folks at Mohawk
the Nova has approx. 1" of rocker and the Intrepid approx. 2"

Nova 16
The Nova 16 is like a slightly de-tuned Penobscot 16 when it is paddled solo (the only way I’ve compared them). It isn’t quite as fast, and doesn’t maneuver quite as well, but the difference isn’t all that great. The Mohawk that I paddled wasn’t quite as stiff as the Penobscot (tended to twist a bit in waves), but the folks who owned it added a thwart and said that took care of most of the twisting/flexing.

test paddled both…
the Nova and the Penobscot when I was considering buying one or the other. I apparently found more of a difference between the two than what you did. The Mohawk was significantly slower and didn’t track as well. All in all, however, it had a nice feel while paddling, and I would have bought it if I hadn’t fallen in love with the Penobscot.