Penobscot RX vs Sprit II RX?

I am looking to add a Royalex canoe my fleet(I have a MNII and Magic). Was considering a 17’ Penobscot or the Spirit II . How do they compare. Do both the 17’ RX canoes “oil can”? My friend has a Penobscot 16’ which I might consider, no oil canning, seats seemed high. I though the 17’ might be a little more versatile.

What do you plan to do with it
Since you have a MNII, I’m assuming this will be more of a river boat. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

Drop the seats on the Penobscot
The Spirit II in RX has a flexible bottom compared to the Penobscot. “Oil canning” isn’t the correct term for a flexible hull.

Oil canning is correct term for
flexible hull that flexes up and down while moving on the water in these parts. They flex like old fashioned oil cans that were pumped by flexing the bottom.

It’s not a permanent dent or deformation of the hull - that could be a dent, a wow or hogging, depending on location and severity.


I wanted a canoe I could take on trips with shorter portages and use on rocky creeks. Also a canoe I could lend out and nor worry about.

probably has an edge on speed and tracking ability, but both are very nice canoes. Personally I’d choose the Penobscot, but wouldn’t be unhappy if all I could get was the Spirit II.