Penobscot ????'s

A 16 foot Penobscot came up for sale in my home town. It seems to be in excellent shape. What kind of whitewater should these be comfortable with? (I want opinions of “average” paddlers) I know that training is important etc. Just want to get a feel for what the boat is capable of in the right hands.


probably no
average paddlers here. Don’t know where I rank, average compared to myself I guess. I paddle a lot of cl. 2 and a little 3 in canoes similar to the penobscot. Big water use airbags, tie a bailing bucket to the thwart, get a good partner, and kneel.

I specified average because
I figured there would be someone out there saying they were doing 25 foot verticals with theirs and class 5+ is a breeze. I have learned to qualify the question at least a little bit. I am not actually looking but sometimes they find you. Supposedly (according to some of the reviews I read) they are pretty good tripping canoes. Its close, almost new, and fairly priced so I feel obligated to consider it for my fleet.


I consider myself average,
and have a 16 foot Penobscot.

No problem for me with any II’s.

III’s would require scouting and then I would make up my mind.

Are you thinking tandem, solo or both?



Don’t know.
Wasn’t really planning. Just sort of stumbled across this. I would think I would start off in mild stuff (class I and II) and keep outfitting it as my skill grow. Probably with a buddy who seems to like the water. If I figure out the cano thing then maybe solo. The only other canoe I own at this point is a Lincoln “concord” mostly a lake and slow river type boat. This could be one of those learning opportunities I hear so much about. I wonder if it “poleable”?


tried a penobscot…
Great boat! a big blast of fun. I had very good experiences with a penobscot.

Boat of Choice
for many downriver racers. The Penobscot and Royalex Wenonah sundowner are very popular, and both are older designs.