Penobscot to...?

What lightweight(40lbsish) canoe paddles similarly to a Penobscot… if any?

A Wenonah 16’ Aurora in Ultralight Kevlar. The 16’ Adirondack is also similar, but it is much faster. and a tad shallower.


Not quite sure if you are talking;
using it solo or tandem, but if tandem, most of the time my Penobscot 16 sits unused in the boat barn in favor of our Wenonanah kevlar ultralight 17 which is 39 pounds.

The only time the Penobscot gets used is in class II or higher or low water (rocks and gravel bars all over the place).



Is yours
a 17 or a 16? and are you looking for someithing to handle mild WW like the Penob, or just somehintg with similar speed and stability.