Penobscott 16

Well … I forgot how much I love this boat. It is so versitile. I was exploring a back channel of the Wisconsin river yesterday and never saw another boat. The gills were active as were the carp and bass, the wind was really blowing but the boat driven as a solo handled the conditions very well. I am practicing my canadian stroke and love how well it works in my Penobscott. Anyway, I guess I am not really looking for any replies to this posting, it just has been a long winter and I got to remember why I love to paddle my boat solo. What a great canoe!


Those are the best outings,
in my book. Not that I don’t like people. I’d just rather they not be around while I’m out paddling. Fortunately, I’ve found a couple of local out-and-backs that are convenient and seldom used by others.

I have a well-used Penobscot 17 that’s been through a lot but, alas, is a bit of a barge for trying it single-handed on any but the calmest days. Glad you are having fun.

You’re really suggesting we get one 2.

Me too
I bought a Penobscot 16 this winter at Gander Mountain for 500.00 and I didnt get to paddle it untill this week.I really like it a lot.If you sit facing the back and lean the boat just slightly it paddles really nice.I have been using a carbon fibre bent shaft and it seems perfect.I sold my Kruger Dreamcatcher and bought this boat,The Kruger is a really nice boat but it wasnt for me.