Penobscott / Tripper blend?

Is there a canoe that blends the ot tripper and the Penobscott 17’? I’ve already been told the Spirit II is good. Any other recommendations?

Esquif tripping models
Canyon … very voluminous, lots of rocker, lower ends (less windblown?), wider paddling stations, VERY DRY in moderate whitewater.

Prospector 17 … less rocker, easier reach to water, high ends catch winds, faster, less dry (but, plenty dry enough … unless in huge whitewater)

And as you hinted, Wenonah’s Spirit II (68 lbs.) in Royalex is fairly dry and significantly faster on flat water (having the best reach to the water of all these) but with some oilcanning when it’s belly is empty. The Esquif models are probably better on whitewater, but the Spirit II will track and move easier on lakes and fast rivers (but, maybe not quite as tough overall?).

PS: A wildcard choice. if expedition volume isn’t necessary, would/could be the Esquif Presage or Bell Northwind (in Rx) … each has great all around size and capability … but fairly heavy for a sixteen footers. They’re both probably plenty tough for medium-duty river tripping. Also, a 16 or 17’ Mad River Explorer if you want the maneuverability/tracking trade-offs of a shallow-vee hull (and very heavy also). Personally, I like bigger volume in expedition river-tripping canoes … (they pop out of holes more readily) but would settle for considerably less (and less windage) when lake tripping. One canoe for both ??? Get a LARGE Prospecter … maybe Novacraft 17 footer for a bit less rocker and better tracking when on lakes? Lots of choices if it’s important to get serious about getting the right boat for your uses … good luck !!!

Sorry, this is a silly question.
How much speed are you willing to give away? The Penobscot is not all that fast in the first place. Starting from the Tripper, how much whitewater maneuverability are you willing to give away? My Tripper was set up extremely well for whitewater, but it was not fast on the flats.

If you want speed AND maneuverability, check out the AC/DC on the millbrookboats site. It was designed to run slalom much better than a Tripper, and run downriver much better than a Penobscot. And it did what it was designed to do.