Pensacola Blue Lagoon State Park

My husband and I are staying here on our way back from visiting family in Louisiana after Christmas and wanted more information on crabbing. I’m not sure this will be a good time to try and crab and we might be better off fishing.

Anyone been to this State park / Lagoon and can give us some suggestions for crabbing (even at night) and fishing last week of December?


The only experience I’ve had with
crabbing was on Cumberland Island. A friend had a couple of crab traps that we baited with pieces of a trash fish I had caught while surf casting. He also added some bait shrimp. Then he lowered the crab traps in about 8 feet of water on the land side of the island. When we came back maybe an hour later and hauled the traps briskly out of the water, there were a useful number of crabs in the trap. I guess they were blue crabs. You probably know that most of the useful meat is inside the tail end of the main shell.

Chances are when others see this bumped to the top, they’ll add some ideas. Be sure to inquire about any state rules concerning crabbing.

Blue Crabs - December
I’m originally from Louisiana and we usually have a very good crabbing season around June - August.

I’ve just not heard of crabbing in December and didn’t know if anyone had specifically in Big Lagoon (Pensacola).

We thought it would be fun on our way back to Orlando to crab either that night or the next day.

We’ll take our fishing poles if it doesn’t look good for crabs.

… and yes this Louisiana gal knows how to cook em and eat em!

Thanks for the response and the bump!