Pentax Optio 43 WR

I have an old Pentax Optio 43 that I really enjoy.

A few days ago, when I turned the camera on, the screen indicated “memory card error”.

I purchased a new memory card and received the same error.

Any potential solutions will be much appreciated.

try reformatting the card

How do I do that Andy?

You should…
be able to do it with the camera. In your menu, go to memory and there should be an option to format. Or put the card in your PC, find the card with windows explorer, right click on the card, then click on format.

If that doesn’t do it, time for a new camera.

good luck!

Pull the batteries
If a reformat doesn’t work, pull the batteries for a few minutes and re-install them which on some devices resets the computer.

You may also have a menu item to reset all settings to the factory default.

After that the next thing is to call support. Good luck

Thanks-but no luck
I removed the batteries for an hour and when I tried to reset to the original settings I received the same error message.

Seems you are correct and it is time for a new camera.

format and…
Format the card in the camera, it’s in the menu functions

Also what size card did you buy? That’s an old camera (I have one) and if you bought a new 4GB card it might be too large for the camera to recognize, a 2GB might be too large.

one more angle
Check if the old memory card is the cause of malfunction.

Link to manual
Here is a link to the Pentax Optio 43wr user manual:

The manual says it comes with a 16 megabyte SD card, I don’t know if it takes larger SD cards. You’d have to look at the manual more closely than I did.

I use a 1GB in mine

512 MB
I have a 512 mb card. The original and the new one.

Thanks for the manual
When I follow the directions in the manual, the first message is “formatting” and then five seconds later “memory card error”. This happens with both the old and the new.

I guess I’ll read the other post about waterproof cameras so I can buy one.

A camera repair store told me over the phone they thought it was the circuit board which will cost half as much as a new camera to replace.

Thank you all for your input.

I have one that did the same
It also would supposedly fill a high-capacity card after only a tiny fraction of it had been written to. I switched cards and that worked for me. However, I began having other problems with the camera. It began adding “hot pixels” in my images. I can edit them out in PS but I don’t trust the camera anymore.

It is strictly back-up now. I will craigslist it in the spring (with full disclosure) for some absurdly low price just to avoid throwing out something that might be repairable.

Best ever
I body-slammed mine into granite several times before it finally broke. Excellent image quality, double A batteries, it floats. I was willing to pay whatever it cost to repair mine, but alas parts weren’t available. Sorry for your loss.

Oh, and don’t send me parts, as I gave up and recycled it years ago.

I agree that the 43 was the best
My pictures were sharp, the camera fit beautifully in a PFD pocket, it was dunked several times with no ill effects.

I ordered a Panasonic waterproof Lumix TS-3. I hope it performs reasonably well.

I’ll hold the 43 for a few weeks if you change your mind on the parts (no charge of course).

43 WR, RIP
I have friends that have been through a half dozen cameras that get really pissed about my 33 WR, because it just keeps on taking great pictures. The 33WR is the same camera but a little older tech–1 fewer megapixels in the images. I know the 33WR has to die sometime. It’s been dropped, it’s been for at least a dozen extended swims, and it just keeps working. Seems like the gaskets on the door seals will have to give out sooner or later, and a swim will eventually kill it.

The thin box design has features I don’t like. I don’t like the shape of the camera because I keep touching the control wheel in the back and changing the settings. Maybe it’s just me, I have a hard time holding it with one hand. And the display is small and dim compared to newer cameras. And, the batteries drain when the camera is not in use. So, I don’t consider it the perfect camera, but it works well and takes decent pictures, which is the source of irritation to friends that have newer, more capable cameras.

Mine has a scratch on the lens which doesn’t affect 75% of the shots. 25% end up with a blurry spot, so I guess when the light hits it a certain way… The lens is actually a lens cover, but I was never able to find a replacement and have no idea how it detaches. If you have a good lens cover, let me know and when you are done with the camera maybe we can work something out.

OTOH, if I fix the lens cover the camera will probably give up the ghost on my next outing.


hi, bruce!
I don’t know the answer to your question, but how are you!?