Pentax Optio W30 -- updates?

Cropping example
BTW, here’s one that was done with cropping. That’s often necessary with on-water action shots where you haven’t time to set up the framing you want.



Not that the cropped is “better” than the original, it’s just a different effect.

But I don’t crop that often. I shudder to contemplate all that cropping if I’m always shooting intentionally wide and then fixing it afterwards. I already spend too much time at my computer! (And it won’t always work anyway.)

Cartier-Bresson rarely cropped, not that I compare myself to him. But I’ve been tremendously inspired by him since I was a kid, and do aspire to that kind of storytelling magic – and sometimes mystery.


I’ve never cropped a picture

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All of my picture are point and click. I'm not a photographer and don't know the terminology.

I look at the LCD, hold the click button down part way to focus then click the picture when I want the moment.

These picture are as they were taken and none are cropped.
This was taken with my google pod sitting on my dry bag.

and it you weren't so far away I'd lend you my camera. I'm sure you could teach me a lot.


You should post Pnet Reviews.

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Those above with an opinion about this popular, yet much maligned, camera ought to post opinions on Pnet reviews.

Onepaddlejunkie, mtnwayfarer, etc. Simply copy and paste your comments above (no need to retype) and provide to Pnet for all of posterity. Very helpful.

Although some have had good experiences, I am in the market, like original poster, for a waterproof camera that is reliable and decent. The Pentax gets such variable remarks always, it is a shame and I will pass on buying one. Pentax should be ashamed at their poor performance for a camera company that has been around for decades. Their only hold on this market segment seesm to be that there are no great alternatives for a waterproof camera. My favorite for TVs and cameras, which is Sony, no longer makes one.

waterproof camera
I just bought the Olympus 720SW. Great camera great pictures…Waterproof to 10 feet, and shockproof if you drop it.

sad thing is…
It actually has better image quality in video mode than in still!

would not buy it again

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I have a Pentax and really wish I had bought a dive housing for my Canon instead.

Pros: small enough to carry in PFD pocket, very good image quality in video mode

Cons: very sensitive to camera shake, horrible image quality in any but the slowest ISO setting, just barely passable image quality when conditions are optimal

When I get the time, I'll put my comments in as a review.

have an Optio WPI 6 meg camera, my wife has the “30”

No issues with either. I roll with mine on the deck to get roll footage. It’s small easy to use and takes good footage. (waterproof and small and only about $200)

make sure the battery door is locked. or you may flood it.

otherwise remember the angle of the sun etc…most problems I’ve ever heard about has been related to user error, not camera error.

A camera is not a lifetime investment…it’s a point and shoot…if your into spending hours setting up a shot, you probably need film and your not doing action shots anyway that need a fast deployable waterproof carriable.

Best Wishes


Ah’s want me optical viewfinder
After usin’ a WP10 fer awhile with not good results, ah’ have put it on de shelf an’ brought back my trusty Nikonos V an’ me’ Canon A1 SureShot waterproof film cameras. Granted, they be huge compared ta de WP10, but they have optical viewfinders! No more cameras without optical viewfinders fer dis boy. A good Nikon scanner and film fer me until they offer digital wit opt viewfinders.


pentax optio w30 or similar compact …
… waterproof camera without a viewfinder is obviously not for everybody. People like it or hate it. If you like some experimentation in photography it may work. If you are really attached to your current style …

Originally, I bought Pentax Optio WP to take it to the 2005 Texas Water Safari ( and I am shooting a lot from tippy racing boats. I wouldn’t take any bigger camera for racing. WP was somewhat smaller and lighter than the current W30 model.

Not my Nikonos IV or V

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I don't have a problem bouncing my WP10 around in my kayak but the Nikons won't take the beating. Drying the lens and setting up isn't as easy as the point and click.
I chose the WP10 giving in to the quantity of pics I take as opposed to the quality. I prefer to take a lot of pics on a trip and don't want to spend a lot of time taking them.
I love a great pic as much as anyone but I would rather enjoy the trip, take the quick shot and paddle on. The pics I've taken are pretty good. I'm not competing with National Geographic.

Cameras are a matter of the users preference and satisfaction level.

Olympus 770SW

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I recently purchased the Olympus 770SW and am happy with the performance so far. However, I haven't had it long enough to give an unqualified recommendation.

Before purchasing the 770SW, I tried the SeaLife Reefmaster Mini (which is a fully waterproof camera that I have not seen mentioned on this site). Since I'm a paddler, not a diver, I was interested in a camera that took good pictures above the surface and one that was an adequate performer indoors as well (I don't want to carry multiple cameras on my paddling trips). Indoor pictures is where the Reefmaster failed - lots of noise in the pictures.

The 770SW seems to take good (I won't yet say excellent - the jury's still out) pictures indoors and out. Plus, it's waterproof (to 33'), shockproof, crushproof and freeze-proof. One other thing I like. It's small enough to fit nicely in my PFD pocket.

One word of warning for those considering the 770SW. Take a look at the maintenance section of the manual. It says that in order to maintain waterproof integrity that the waterproof seals and packing must be changed annually. This procedure is NOT something a user can do - you must send it in to one of two Olympus repair centers. I tried, but was unable, to get Olympus to commit to a cost for this process. I finally decided that, since I'm not planning to use the camera for scuba diving or snorkeling, I'll just assume the risk of water intrusion and not get the seals and packing changed annually.

Same disclaimer …
…on the Pentax W cameras. I know, I have one.

Never cropped – great!
Nicely composed shots! But apparently you are able to see the shot in the LCD. What do you do when the sunlight is too bright for that, and the LCD washes out completely? Have you missed possible shots that way?

On open water, I find that happens a lot. That’s why I usually just go straight for the viewfinder on my WR43.

As for me teaching you… hmmm, you could actually teach me a lot about landscape and scenic shots – yours are really quite nice. Bravo!


Olympus Stylus 770 SW – LCD in the sun?
The Olympus site says this about the Stylus 770 SW…

The 2.5" HyperCrystal LCD lets you easily compose

or share your shots even in direct sunlight.

Is that true?

I am skeptical, but open to hearing that you can really see the shot on the LCD in bright sunlight, especially on the water. In fact, if it is true, I’ll buy one!


It’s all the camera

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I try to take pics from the heart. After years of taking pictures I realized that the pictures were really for me. People glance through pictures and they see only the image. So I take pictures that impress and have meaning to me. I feel the picture.

When the LCD tends to wash I depress the button to focus and sometimes have used my left hand to cover or shield the LCD.

I have not had good results with zoomed pics so I don't zoom aly pictures. If I think that it is an exceptional shot I will take 2 or 3 same pics.

I have some pics that I would like to crop but don't have the software or know how. I need a new laptop so maybe when I make the switch I'll learn. Until then...I just keep pointing and clicking.

This is what a resourceful kayaker does when the tide steals his paddle. Paddlin' on!

LCD in sunlight
My personal assessment is that it’s better than most, but certainly not perfect. I can generally see the scene on the LCD, but there have been situations where I had to change position somewhat to eliminate the glare.

I like the one in the previous post, with the rock outcrop in the river with maple leaves in front of it. Nice shot, richard.

If you google “faststone” there is a freeware editor you can download to crop and edit if you’re interested. It’s not too hard to sit and play with it and learn the features bit by bit.

Keep snappin 'em gk!

Thanks for the tip.
I just finished downloading it but we are having a minor communication problem.

I’ll keep playing till I figure it out.

The proram is like a woman, hard to figure it out.



What’s that new, wrist mounted digicam?
Anyone recall the name and have experience with it? Hero, or something like that? About 150 smackers.

Yes, the HERO. Anyone have one?

Looks promising.