pentax optio w60 v. olympus stylus 850sw

I’m currently in the market for a new water proof camera and am considering the Pentax Optio W60 or the Olympus Stylus 850sw.

Has anyboday used either of these cameras and can give me any feed back on them.

Thanks in advance:)

olympus stylus 850
We have this camera and have found it to be extremely durable. Buy an extra battery for it though because it eats up battery power fast. My friend has a non-olympus battery for his that he says lasts longer.

Picture quality is great. Most of the photos on our website were taken with it. Check them out Also it takes very good quality video (scroll to the bottom of our website to see some video from it).

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I am thinking about buying a second one.

Camera choice
As one who was a “die hard”, 35mm film shooter, I did a lot of research and asked many folks who used digital a lot of questions. As one that paddles all seasons, I knew I wanted a waterproof, cold temperature use camera. I don’t shoot as many pictures as in the past and won’t use the one I selected in as many scenarios, but it’ll more than mee my need.

I have a friend who has an Olympus 850 which she truly likes. She’s had it quite awhile and due to her recommendation, I did online research and recently purchased the Olympus 1030SW. This was my choice mainly for the extra pixels, shockproofness (6.6’), and waterproof depth (33’).

A recent issue of Digital Photograpy did a review on the latest Olympus (1050SW), shockproof/waterproof camera and based on that, I went with the 1030SW as they called it a “workhorse”.

The Pentax looks good also.

I would suggest you go online to the Olympus and Pentax sites, download the specs on each and go from there. They both have good reputations. Some sites have user reviews listed.

I hope you get some good input based on your type of use and what you want in a finished photo.

Had One For ABout A Year Now

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I like it better now than I did at first. Seemed like the pics I took on the "Sports" setting weren't as clear as I would have liked. Now that I've "Played" with different settings I'm liking it more and more. Have only taken a couple underwater pics, but they turned out fine. I like the big LED screen, but I'm still getting used to using that and not having a viewfinder. I like the fact that I don't have to keep it in my Pelican box, therefore; it's handier for taking quick pictures. Most of my paddling pics last year were taken with the Olympus. And one in January was good enough to be runner-up "Picture of the week" here about a month ago. Here's a link to some of the pics. WW

After my Optio WP went overboard at Raystown, I sprung for the W60. It’s been great - easy to use, good quality images. Highly recommended.

Here’s an example from our recent ice storm here in southern Ohio:


Search "pentax optio"
and you can read some of the old threads - this comes up often. I have a Pentax Optio W20 that I like. Here are some pictures from yesterday

olympus 790
Can’t speak for or against the Pentax, but I picked up an Olympus 790 (earlier generation) as a close-out a while back, and have been quite pleased. I’ve owned Nikon & Canon point-n-shoots, and the Olympus produces superior results (color, contrast, sharpness, etc.). It’s not quite the picture quality I can get from my DSLR (Nikon D-70), but it’s by no means a huge difference.


I just got an Olympus 1050SW
and it’s very good. Easy to use one handed, has a nice panorama mode (stitches 3 images in-camera) and generally does a decent job with exposure. Only weakness seems to be taking shots into the sun.

The images aren’t SLR quality, but that’s what you get with a small aperture, little glass, and a small sensor.

About $200 at Costco.


I have the Olympus 1030sw
It takes pretty good photos. Just remember that they are waterproof etc. but they don’t float. (expensive lesson) KK

float your waterproof camera
after reading on the forum about several cameras that ended up at the bottom of the ocean I equipped mine with a float:

Mine has a float
attached to it now also. KK

Wait for the Panasonic
I think it might not be too different from an image quality prospective at low light, but may otherwise be better, expecially for video capture.

May be worth a look.

Check for the news on its release. Hopefully it will come sgnificantly below the listed MSRP.

And I now see Fuji!

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Loks like there is finally some choice ...

EDIT: on a second thought, the Fuji might not be much of a contender, unless they really drop the price below everyone else: same lousy (small) 1/2.3 CCD sensor, no wide angle and not much of a telephoto either, no "real" image stabilization...

One should become really suspicious when the features at a glance section provided by Fuji starts with "Über-cool design" ...

Canon as well :wink:
Looks like a better alternative to the Fuji to me, including optical image stabilization and what looks to be an almost “real” lens starting at F2.8. And a cute flash that I expect will prodice realy nice red eyes, being that close and right above the lens -:wink: