Pentax Optio WP Review

I gave my wife my Optio WR43…and purchased an OptioWP…and cannot be more pleased with its ease of use and wonderful pics.

I went for a paddle in San Dieog a few weeks ago (rented a GREAT kayak: the Aquanaut)and took a bunch of pics of friends and wildlife. The color reproduction and clarity is fantastic. Was a breeze to use as well. I HIGHLY recommend this camera.


Pentax Optio WP
It seems that most of my pictures during paddling and other outdoor activity I am shooting now with that tiny camera. The results are pretty good.

I just got mine
in the mail on Thursday. I’ve only taken a few pics with it and love it. I used to use my sony cybershot dsc-p9 with an aquapack bag…Very bulky. I can’t wait to get this one on the water.

Took mine out this weekend and it slips perfectly into one of the front pockets of my PDF, and when I want to take a picture, it’s out and on in a couple of seconds.

Picture quality was very good for a point-and-shoot. Not like my D70, but then again, try putting THAT in your PDF :-).

I’m taking my kids to an indoor pool this week and I plan to take some underwater pictures also to try that out…


telephoto …
do you find the 3X sufficient to bring in distant objects to a point where they’re more than just “see that dot over there? that’s a bear”

It won’t come close to duplicating a true telephoto lens, but I find that the image quality is sufficient to blow up and crop distant objects reasonably well. I view images on my computer rather than print, so I can’t attest to that comparison. Using a software package for this enhances the images significantly.

3x shots…
Yup…I am shocked at how the mini-telephoto does its job. I took some fine shots of wildlife in Mission Bay, San Diego using the telephoto.

Again…fine clarity and color reproduction. Surely not like my new Sony F828…but then again it shouldn’t reproduce like that one. However…it provides great photos…no complaints. So much so that I will readily use it ‘off of the water’ for photos.


Optio 5 WP
I looked up the camera on an online camera review site. It said that although it is a 5 megapixel camera it has only about a 3.12 megapixel effective resolution.

But still, if you need a small waterproof camera it is probably the way to go. Many others perform better, until they are dunked in salt water.

Is the newer WPi 6 megapixel worth it?
And is there any significant changes that makes spending the money worth it?

no viewfinder?
Did I read that about the camera? I truly prefer using a viewfinder with my slowly failing eyesight vs. a tiny monitor that I find hard to see outdoors in the daylight.

Or was that another camera?

That’s it; no viewfinder…
… but a decent size, fairly bright LCD. Nevertheless, I tried one, and it’s not for me on the water without an optical viewfinder.