Pentax Optio WP

Pentax has a new 5 MP camera out weighing 4.8 oz. I was actually looking at the 43WR.

Pretty Cool…
overall. But did you notice the operating temperature range of 32 - 104 (F)? This won’t cut it for winter paddling in northern climes where temps at 32 or under are not uncommon.


and no optical viewfinder…
… a problem in bright light where you can’t see the lcd viewfinder.

same with other optio wr?
Are those 2 critiques the same for the older models of the Optio WR (i.e., 33WR)?

Thanks, Pat.

wow that is cool…
and it has JIS 8 compared to my 43wr JIS 7. the 43 suffers from bad glare on the LCD but i usually turn it off and use the viewfinder because i find it easier.

the 43 comes with the same temp use range but i think it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. if you use lithium batteries (not affected by the cold) and otherwise keep the camera relatively warm in your clothing it should be fine. it does have a snow setting afterall. i took a few shots at new years at -20 c and it was fine. of course it was inside my coat just before but it would have been chilling for the few moments it was out. i was very impressed with the photos and can’t wait to get it out paddling.

the new model with it’s size and greater water resistance looks like a real beauty.

Optical viewfinder
The no optical viewfinder might make it a no go for me then…I actually didn’t notice.

Rechargable Battery
At first glance, the specs on this camera looked pretty cool.

Then - the killer for me, who goes on long trips - away from power source: it uses a non-standard battery.

The 43WR (& 33 I think) use standard AA (get lithium). So as long as I have enough batteries (restock between towns), I’m OK.


From a boating point of view
It looks like a step backward. As already pointed out, no optical viewfinder and more importantly, no option for replacable batteries. I’m still planning on an optio 43WP when my refund arrives.


No Problems
You can always find a situation where Mother Nature is going to throw a curve at you that the engineers didn’t take into consideration. We’ve used the 43wr for a year now and it has performed admirably. We’ve used rechargable batteries for otherwise alkaline last for a 1.5 outings, tend to be shutterbugs, and that can add up to a lot of dead batteries in the landfill. Takes great pictures in a huge variety of settings. Doesn’t like winters too much but you can always head south to do more paddling without the drysuit. Just an option.

See you on the water,


Optio pictures on the photo album pages of:

Pentax 43WR in cold

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> 43wr ... doesn't like winters too much...

How does it express its displeasure? IOW, what do I have to look forward to?


I agree
I have the 3.2 Optio, model ?, and the lack of the optical viewfinder often yields pictures that I hadn’t intended to take. This has happened to me numerous times on the river and quite a few just around the house trying take pics of the kids. I also find it to be extremely sensitive to any movement. Not the greatest attribute on the water. God Bless. Scates

That’s the best compact camera I’ve seen so far. I didn’t see this in the specs - what kind of memory card does it use?

sd memory card plus
a 10.5 mb built-in memory.

I have the 43wr
and have been very happy with it. Rechargable batteries and an optical viewfinder also. I need glasses to read so the optical viewfinder is an absolute necessity for me. Who can tell the diference between 4 mps or 5 mp’s anyway?

2 MP here
Heck, I only have a 2 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 950 and like the images I get when set at highest quality. But then I am not printing anything.

Better hurry up and order it
Pentax has discontinued the 43WR.

Too bad they didn’t do the opposite
Make a bigger, better optical viewfinder for it.

I have a 43WR and like the camera overall, but that teenyweensy optical viewfinder is very inaccurate as far as framing goes. And it has no framing marks. Yes, you could teach yourself to compensate for its offset (from the lens) position, but some framing marks would be better. It is also so small that it “crops” a tremendous amount of area that is actually being photographed (compare with LCD viewfinder view and you’ll see what I mean).

The LCD viewfinder is unreadable in many outdoor conditions, so a better optical viewfinder would be useful. I’d rather they make the camera a tad larger with such a viewfinder; seems they are more concerned with making the camera tinier and lighter, with more megapixels, though.

Is the 43WR to be replaced ???
… by anything better? I don’t think the OptioWP that started this discussion qualifies as better, despite the 5mp vs 4.


First review