Pentwater, MI

I will be kayaking around the Pentwater, MI area

for the 4th of July week. If anyone has any info

on the area or places to paddle let me know.

How far you wanna go for a day paddle?
You’ll be smack dab between Nordhouse Dunes and Silver Lake. Much to see and do.

which day would you go up
I’m driving up to my dad’s tomorrow… a friend and her family who are forced (by nature of employment opportunities) to live in Jersey are headed to Kazoo tomorrow and Pentwater on Sunday.

I-80 to US-131 to I-96 and up.
There’s bottle neck road construction on I-94 in the Kalamazoo area that you’ll want to avoid (especially around a holiday). You’ll be on a toll road a little longer, but you’ll be moving. I can’t speak for the road contruction north of Plainwell as I haven’t been up there in a while. Maybe someone else can comment tho.


Ludington SP

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The lake Michigan shore of the state park is contiguous (South of) Nordhouse Dunes. The park borders the whole western shore of the Hamlin Lake, which offers some nice inland lake and marshy paddling. Downside - the park is popular and will probably be packed this weekend.

I will be heading up early Sunday morning.

Thanks for the info.

around pentwater
You could go a little further north and hit the Pere Marquette River. Not challenging but very pretty. Or you could go up a little further and hit the Little Manistee. A little challenging if you put in below 6 mile bridge and can be a real blast in the stretch between 9 mile and 6 mile bridges depending on the water levels. You might want to talk to one of the outfitters on M-55 or M-37. The stretch between 9 and 6 isn’t always cleared of blow overs, which can be a big surprise if you come flying around one of the corners. Somebody told me that that stetch of river has the steepest gradient of any in Michigan. The outfitters mentioned above service the Pine River, but it’s with permit only, and it’s likely to be a zoo this weekend. Also the Big Manistee is real pretty in the upward reaches. All three rivers mentioned are good trout streams. Too many choices not enough time.