People of Georgia

Hey guys I live in Alabama and Im trying to play a trip to paddle in Georgia. Anybody know the best website to get the water levels? In alabama its so i’m wondering if there is a site like this for georgia. Also if you could recommend some rivers that are fun to do and would actually have water in the summer. Class 1 and 2 is about as high as we would want to do. Thanks!

Either USGS or

The AW recommendations for what is too low are too liberal. That is, if they say it is still ok, it often isn’t. Check back with me.

In the spring I would recommend the
Flint River, but it’s often too low in summer. In fact, we’ve been getting less rain than Birmingham, and our whitewater rivers are almost all down. And it’s HOT. There is good canoeing on the coastal plain, below the Columbus-Macon-Augusta Fall Line, on the Ocmulgee and the Ogeechee. Sandbar camping. But right now it’s HOT.