Pepsi can Alcohol stove

Just for grins, giggles and to get out to my inner sanctum(garage)I have been playing with pepsi can stoves. Since I have an almost inexhaustable supply

from Church it is a cheap pass time and can be done while my wife is talking before she realizes I am not there. I have built several over the years but this time I am really happy with the results.Less then 2 minutes to boil 1 cup of water,Less then 3 minutes to set up and have a cup of water at a rolling boil. I think the magic was this time I have a wind screen and a better stop watch.

It is kind-a-fun. too bad I don’t do tht type of tripping camping anymore.

i love this stuff
im into survival gear i havve a lot already but no heater like you have i should make one

Heineken keg cans
These make cool looking alcohol stoves.

cat food cans too
they’re so lightweight!

Have any…
pictures or video. Would be cool to see.

This is my (current) favorite

but I have made bunches of designs and several dozen attempts. I think my success this time was due to the consistency of the jet ports and the wind screen.

Smellydog :
Search YouTube for “alcohol stove” and you will be inundated with vids. A website devoted to alky stoves can be found by Googling “alcohol+stove+zen”.