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Hey does anyone out there know what model the new Perception Sport Conduit is comparable to. I own a Rhythm 11 and I know it is basically the old Dagger Element, but I cannot find information on the new 13 foot Conduit. I have already contacted Confluence Water sports but no answer. Does anyone have another source?

Dick’s Sporting Goods
is selling a Conduit 13 that’s a re-branded Dagger Catalyst. There was a post about it several days ago. You should be able to go back a page or two and find it.

Here’s the post:

And here’s the reviews for it (keep in mind Dagger used to have the option of adding a rudder, whereas the Perception Sport ones do not come with one, although they do still have the mounting points for it).

Man, it seems like Dick’s is just storming the rec market right now. Every other day it’s a post about a boat someone saw at Dick’s and had questions on. There are two lessons here:

1.Dick’s doesn’t care about paddling customer service

2.It doesn’t matter because people will buy based on price, not customer service.

I bought my first kayak at Dick’s…because of price of course.

In hindsight, though, Dick’s does more for the specialty kayak market because it gets so many people interested in paddling in the first place. If only 1 out of 20 people from Dick’s went on to purchase a “real” kayak, it’s still better than it would be otherwise.

Speaking from personal experience, if my first kayak was 1k+ or nothing, it would absolutely, positively, beyond a doubt be nothing. No two ways about it.

You could have done worse
Nothing wrong with buying an inexpensive boat to get started in. Those little Rec boats are sure fun on narrow rivers. I’m glad to read about some better quality kayaks being sold at Dick’s.

Makes me more likely to stop by and see what the local store has in stock since there’s no full service kayak dealer anywhere nearby.

Dick’s has it’s “all boats on sale” flyers out…just picked one up over the weekend while I was there.

May 22nd-28th, every kayak and canoe will be on sale.

I,ve bought two kayaks at Dicks and if you get a knowledgeable sales person they are great. Not everyone can afford a pricy boat or cares about having a fancy boat. I love both of mine and they float and paddle well. Yes some of the boats at Dicks are cheap and poorly designed but buyer beware. Still very happy and having a lot of fun with mine. I would and did go back a second time.

Perceptio Sport Kayaks
I have 2 give 2 thumbs up to the manager at the Dick’s near me. I have 4 rec yaks and when I was looking for a specific color one for my daughter he located one over almost 2 hrs drive from his store and he went there on his own while I was at work and picked it up and brought it back to his store for me so I wouldn’t have to make the drive. I have one extra yak that came from Dick’s and I’ve introduced quite a few new paddlers to the sport just by being able to take a new person along.

Dick’s sporting goods
While I shop very little at Dick’s anymore, Their kayaks are decently priced this time of year. I just picked up a Perception Sport Conduit 13 friday, after selling the Rhythm 11 I had previously (also purchased at Dick’s). Both purchases were easy, staff was very helpful and appreciative of my business with them (in fact, they are ALWAYS that way, IMO). The guy I got a hold of was not the boating person, but helped me anyway, and even got me a boat that was still in plastic out back, not just give me the floor model. I used the 600 extra bonus points card i got in the mail, and I should be getting at least $40 in rewards soon, which will cover half of one of the coleman paddling specific PFD’s they sell. I will likely try to add a $10 off coupon on top of that :smiley:

There is a NICE paddling store nearby (Oak Orchard Canoe & Kayak) but I live on a budget… I support them for small stuff and Yakima rack goods though :slight_smile: