Perception 5-O?

I was just at the “bargain barn” of an area dealer and saw a few Perception 5-Os tagged at $400. Good deal on a surf boat, or would I be better off spending a bit more for a WS Kaos?

Greg S. Just Got One
he may give you his impressions after he has surfed it. Probably has a good comparison perspective since he also rides a waveski.


No surf…
this weekend, so I didn’t give my “new” 5-O a try (although it would be prudent to play with it on flatwater first to become acquainted – see how it rolls and adjust the outfitting).

Most of the used 5-0s that I saw listed were in the $250 - $350 range, so you might want to try to cut a deal. I figure that for $350 or less, even if I don’t like it, I can sell it for most of the value, or keep it for friends to use (to keep them away from my more expensive surf toys… :^)

Greg Stamer