Perception Acadia vs Pelican Espirit

Greetings All,

I am in the market for an affordable kayak. I recently inherited a Perception Montour 11.5 from a friend that recently moved away. I would like to get a second kayak for the wife. Nearby me - I found a Used Perception Acadia 12.5’ (+ paddle and vest) and a New Pelican Espirit 120 DLX (paddle + roof top gear)- they are about the same price ~$250

It seems that Perception in a better than Pelican (considering theses are both Recreation Kayaks)?

I don’t think we will do much more than flat intercostal paddling.



See if you and your wife can take
them for a short paddle at least and see which one she/you is most comfortable in. Both rec boats so probably not too much difference, but had friends that really liked Pungo 140s over like boats from CD and others. R

Pelican Bad…Perception Good
Perception is way better designed and built.

I’m from way inland so don’t know what intercoastal implies regarding possible water conditions. So, while I can’t speak to it directly, I wanted to at least raise the possible safety concern – maybe others will chime in – could be fine. (I think the boats you are talking about have only 1 bulkhead – perhaps adding front float bags would be good at a minimum?)

Update on the Acadia
Thank you everyone for chiming in.

Will probably stick to small lakes & calm rivers/creeks in the beginning…intercostals on a good day later on when the water is very flat :wink:

Took a look at the Perception today (its in an auction) - it looks to be an older Perception - way back when they had the alternate brand “Aquaterra”? w/ the smaller rear hatch (vs. the oval hatches on the newer Acadia, besides the expected scratches on the bottom, didn’t see/feel any major wear spots/oil canning

Reading more about the Perception brand - it seems like the are falling in quality standards? - I may be in luck getting this Older Perception/Aquaterra Acadia vs a newer one?

Acadia and yes the older ones are better

I agree. My bargain Necky kayak
lacks a front bulkhead, and I added a single large float bag, securely tied in at all corners. Because I don’t fully trust hatches and bulkheads, a float bag seems like something I can depend on.