Perception America thigh braces

Has anyone out there had any luck putting thigh braces in this boat , it has a huge cockpit but with a sprayskirt on when I paddle in cold weather I’d like to be able to roll this thing . It’s been a while but I have a ww background , just need to get out and practice a bit , thanks

I had two Perception Americas
As I recall one was 11’ and the other 13.5’ Huge cockpit for sure with a flatbottom. A barge. If you can roll it at all, it would be very hard to do and surely come down with a jolt. Keeping a skirt of this size on in a roll is pretty unlikely.

America 13.5
Yes they do have a flat bottom and are hard to roll but not impossible.

Summer before last, my son and I took two America 13.5 on the upper Missouri from Ft Benton to James Kipp rec area; 150 miles. We made some modifications; took out the seat back and installed a back band, bought some plastic and made the cockpit smaller, I made a template from cardboard to cut the plastic,it fit under the combing. I now have a 32" cockpit. I fit the same spray skirt around the combing but the added plastic supports the skirt when waves crash on it. I have rolled it on a calm lake and the skirt stayed on, and you do have to muscle it over. I have not had occasion to roll in rougher water. I didn’t see a need for thigh braces as I was able to lock my knees under the deck. We also removed the foam pillar in the bow and replaced that with two inflatable dry bags as to carry more gear and food. This makes a nice river tripper, will hold 325 lbs. I never take these on anything more than a class II or on Lake Superior unless it’s a calm day forecast.

Without the cockpit modification, they kind of remind me of a solo canoe kinda Rob Royish without quite the performance.


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I had a woman friend with a similar type of boat and she ordered thigh braces from Prijon. Necky will also sell you their braces for the plastic boats too. Sit down when you order. It might cost you $75.

You're better off trying to adapt with some foam and plywood - whatever.. and jury rig something. Pool noodle foam can work and re-shaped or kayak store real grey closed cell. You'll have to be creative or pay.

Or call Perception and ask them.