Perception Avatar 16 and Eclipse 16

Thanks for all the help and info ahead of time.

I am moving from a 14 SOT to my first SINK.

I am looking at the Perception Avatar and 16 and Eclipse 16. The expected uses are some open water - bays, coastal cruising, along with some coastal creeks and more protected water. Mostly the warm water of the SE USA.

Me: male, 175 lbs, 5’10’, 49 y.o. I come from a whitewhate kayaking background, while living in CO for 25 years, so, I can roll, I don’t like to but I can.

If someone (or many) can discuss the various attributes of each I’d be greatful.

You’re a bit big for the Avatar (it’s very low volume)…keep in mind it’s a squirrely boat with a lot of rocker and needs the skeg deployed to handle like a normal kayak. If you’re thinking trips, forget it…there’s very little room to pack anything.

For someone of your size, the Eclipse is better, but there are lots of non-Perception boats out there to consider, too that will give you much better construction.

You’d be a good fit in a Valley Aquanaut RM or a P&H Capella 166 RM.

Other boats
41North, thanks for the info. You say there are other boats. can you make a few suggestions, please? Also, how do you feel about a phone conversation?