Perception Carolina 12'2"....

I’m shopping for a new rec kayak for my wife. She has a 9’ presently, but I think she’d enjoy the efficiency of a longer hull. I like the price of the Carolina 12’2", but there’s nothing in “product reviews” for this model. Anybody have experience/opinion? Thank you.

This Was Formerly The “Umiak"
it’s designed for kids and smaller paddlers. My son had the Umiak and I fit into it, at 5’3” and 140 LBs, after cutting the molded seat and replacing it with a foam one.

Unless she’s smaller than me, I would suggest another kayak.


she may not see that much
gains in efficency with a few more ft. of boat. Perhaps a 14’ or a narrower hull would do more?

kids’ boat
unless she’s pretty tiny, you might find that she’ll hold your choice against you. If you want to stay relatively inexpensive but would like to take a real step up from a little rec boat, take a look at the Necky Manitou 13, the Old Town Castine, or the Current Designs Kestrel 120. All three are in the 12-13 foot range, have a bulkhead (two on the Castine) and can be found new for $600-$700. More than the Carolina 12, but ‘real boats’ as opposed to a good kids’ starter boat.