Perception Carolina 14 or Necky zoar sp?

I’ve been looking at used kayaks and there is not much to choose from here in Jackson Hole. I recently found a Necky Zoar sport for 600 and a Perception Carolina 14 for 550. The cockpit on the Carolina seems awfully big and I’m not sure if the Zoar is going to be very slow. Which is a better deal?

best is…

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Whether one is of greater value than the other shouldn't be the point. A $200 boat that never gets used is a worse value than a $2000 boat that gets used often. The best is the one that works for you.

Beyond that, these aren't very different boats. Similar length and width. It isn't like comparing a 12 foot boat to a 16 foot boat.

Best bet would be to get a test paddle in each. barring that, go by what you see and can do on shore. Sit in it, check out the space in the hatches, see which feels better to you.

Thanks for the quick reply. I wish I had a chance to paddle both models. I could definately have my wife sit in them and maybe get a feel for each. She is pretty samall though and Im thinking maybe neither…she is 5’3 about 115.