Perception Carolina 14 vs Looksha 14

Both used and same price: $500. Necky Looksha is probably somewhat older than the Carolina. I already have an older 17’ Eddlyline and 12’ Dagger rec boat. Looking for that in between, quick grab boat for flat water and some closer-in SF Bay paddling.


Which one has two watertight compartments? Carolina’s usually do…Looksha 14s I have seen do not. For safety, that determines it for me in the SF Bay area.

The Looksha has storage front and back, so bulkheads there also. Or do you mean how watertight they are? True that some older Lookshas leaked some. But I don’t think enough to affect safety.

Some Looksha 14s did not have a forward compartment. Since the Looksha 14 has both fore and aft compartments, I would prefer to paddle the Looksha. Bulkheads on plastic kayaks are notorious for developing leaks…luckily, they are easily resealed.

I think it was the Looksha 12 s that only had a rear hatch/bulkhead. Seems to be all of the 14s I have seen had both, but I could be wrong. Having 2 bulkheads is important for any sort of open water paddling.

They both av every similar specs. Both have relatively tall seats, that would partially interfere with a spray skirt, if you wanted to use one.

If one has the rudder installed and the other doesn’t that would add some value (but just resale value if a rudder is not important to you).

If yuo ant a boat in this size that is quick to grab but a bit better for the use you want, you may want to watch for a dagger Alchemy, Dagger Stratos, Jackson Journey, Necky Looksha Sport, or the like. The 2 you are looking at are a bit rec boat-ish, where these are day touring sea kayaks. All are pretty popular in Bay Area, so come on the used market from time to time.

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I always appreciate your advice, Peter. Per a previous recommendation by you last year, I’ve been on the look out for an Alchemy for sometime, with no luck. And I have missed out on two Looksha Sports recently. So I will go with this looksha for now and enjoy the ride until I get my coveted Eddyline or Delta composite. Cheers.

The Looksha is surprisingly thin-skinned. Hard pass, and I will keep looking.

Looksha Sport 14 only has one hatch. A buddy just sold one last weekend that I am very familiar with.

I think there were two models. Older with one hatch, newer with two.