Perception Carolina 14 vs WS Tsunami 140

other than the Tsunami’s day hatch and adjustable thigh hooks, and the Carolina’s slightly larger cockpit opening, are there any obvious differences I’m overlooking between these two kayaks? trying to help a friend pick a few “transitional touring” boats to look at.

well now…
having helped design both of these boats i might suggest…

the Tsunami leans more towards a sea kayak style touring boat and the Carolina leans more towards a recreational style boat.

The differences in outfitting, hull design, etc. are somewhat similar BUT different.

If the larger cockpit and a more forgiving nature suits you…Carolina. if you want to grow your paddling technique a bit more and want to possibly push the conditions you paddle in…go Tsunami.

hope this helps



seat in Tsunami rocks
What he said, plus, if the price is about the same the Tsunami is the better deal. IMHO the seat in the Tsunami is a lot more comfortable and more adjustable and not to worry about the cockpit size, the Ts is plenty big enough. The backband is the most comfortable and easiest adjustable I’ve ever paddled and the ability to adjust the thigh risers is superb, that’s just my opinion and other’s mileage may vary.

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Both good boats and as
Steve says the Carolina is more a rec style boat, more stable, more forgiving, more suited for easy paddling for a few miles on a nice lake.

The Tsunami’s are more efficient, more suited for rougher water, longer trips, and light sea kayaking.

It really depends on what your friend is wanting to do.


I’m a bit biased

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since I own a Tsunami myself and so does another buddy... so that's what we were recommending to him :)

extended river camping trips, exploring the Chesapeake Bay, we're even talking about Georgian Bay and Isle Royale. That sort of thing.

I was just wondering how different the Carolina is since I came across a good sale price.

Can’t speak about the Tsunami
but I’ve paddled my Carolina in virtually every type of water from ocean to the National Whitewater Park to rivers and lakes and I love it! It’s great for cruising and just lillydipping around, but I still win races with it too. I don’t think you can go wrong with either boat.

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Necky Looksha 14
Im trying to make the same decision but throw in the Necky Looksha 14 too.

My wife paddles a
Looksha Sport 14 and she lover it. It is a nice boat very responsive yet stable enough for a first timer. And easy to find used which is always a plus now-a-days.

RCR has a KAYAK! The shame.