Perception Carolina 16' (2002?)

I have a Boreal Design Ookpik 3 years old. Hate the seat, tried all stuff to get it comfortable. No go it is 14 feet. I just bought a Perception Carolina 16 feet. The bottom part of seat is part of the boat, blue plastic. The seat back is black and has an adjustable nylon strap. After sitting in it is seems comfortable. I paid $400 for it. I figure that was a decent price and if I do not like I should be able to get $400 back??? The question is any idea on year of this boat? Saw picks of 2003 and seat was in two parts and black. Any reviews on comfort and handling on this particular kayak? Was this a good price? Is this seat configuration comfortable? Advice/opinions definitely appreciated. Thanks.

PS-no rudder. Also had 2 floatation blow up in the kayak, was that part of this kayak?

Check Out The Serial Number
If you can make out the serial number on the boat, it can tell you what design year it is along with the year it was made.

Here’s a link to help read the meaning of the numbers:

I used the webpage to help me figure out the year of a used Perception Sole and then emailed Perception Customer Service and confimed what I had figured.


Thanks. Looks like made in Sept 1999. Older model.Oh well-I hope age means nothing???