Perception Carolina Airalite

I’ve read many postings with interest. It’s nice to have access to more experienced paddler’s input.

I’m a beginner and have been shopping for boats. I’ll mostly use it for small/medium lakes and protected waterways. (I think.) I’m about 5’10", 170 lbs. and have been to a few demo days local outfitters have put on. I’ve paddled most commonly available boats and really liked the Carolina Airalite 14.5 and the Wilderness Capelookout 14.5.

I was wondering what you folks think about the Carolina boat. I think that’s what I’m leaning toward. I know it’s fairly new (the airalite model anyway.) Is it worth the price? $1600 retail. The money isn’t a big issue for me, I just don’t want to overpay for a mediocre boat. Will I grow out of the boat quickly?

Thanks for your opinions!

For that money…
There are several slightly used QCCs in the classifieds that’d do you much better.

QCC boats
Thanks for the suggestions. I looked at QCCs website. They offer an impressive guarantee. I wonder if a kevlar boat would be less forgiving and a little overkill for a beginner. Pretty hard buying a used boat without being able to try it first.

Do you own a QCC boat? Have you paddled a carolina? How would you compare the two. Any other suggestions than QCC?