Perception/Carolina question

I just bought a Perception Carolina and was wondering how to remove the sticker that is in front of the cockpit on the bow. I do not want to scratch the boat up doing so and wondered if anyone else has done this successfully.


which sticker
are you talking about the white sticker on a new boat or the logo.

The white sticker
The white sticker on the new boat. It’s a circular sticker that tells the features of the boat.

i just peeled it off. slowly. if some glue remains, orange glo or stuff like that gets it off. i did it 4 times and it was not a problem.

I’ve tried to peal it off but I’ll give it a try when the weather is warmer. It is in my unheated garage and it was about 25 degrees when I tried it, and it definitely is not pealing off right now. Warmer weather might cure that I suppose.

Hair Dryer…
plug in the wife/girfriends hair dryer and warm it up…

This works for all decals
Including those advertisements that your new car dealer felt you wanted on your car.

Dunk it
This’ll do it, maybe. Take your new boatto a pool session and roll till dizzy. Even if the sticker doesn’t come off you still got to go play with your new boat.

Congrats on your new boat!

See you on the water,


A little heat and the sticker came right off. I was also able to get a decal off the front that had been applied by the dealer (the kayak was a demo).

Thanks to all for your advice!