Perception Caster SOT

My shop just got some of the new Caster’s in including a demo. If anyone who’s into fishing wants to take it out and try it I’d appreciate some feedback on the boat, it’s fishing capabilities and where would be the best place to onstall rod holders. I’m no fisherman, sorry. Shop is off of Exit 3 on I95 in Georgia. Contact me via e-mail or just call 912-882-0911. This is not a troll to sell boats, I’d like some feedback on it compared to others.

A friend
tried one at a show recently.He said it performed like an 8’ and that they would not be carrying the yak in their shop.Ive never tried it myself but have paddeled the Illusion and Bimini.Both were nice and likely better fishing yaks than the Caster but i went with the Malibu eXtreme.Good luck

RPMMax-So how are they selling?
My brother just got a Caster 12.5 and has yet to take it out on a large lake or down a river. But so far it’s been fun in ponds-tracks well and faster than some other SOTs. I was just wondering what others had said. I know the poster above didn’t like it, but I was curious about specifics. Where are people placing their rod holders?

I’m currently fishing from a T-100. I have used a 120 a few times and would be glad to try out your caster and give you a comparison. I fish almost exclusively on small inland rivers. My suggestions for rigging and rod holder placement may or may not be useful for setting up for fishing ICW or coastal waters. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested.