perception catalina 13.5

I am heading to Yuma to do the Colorado River with some friends and checking CL found a Catalina 13.5 for sale for $225.

One of the girls going with me is interested in this boat but…

I own the Carolina (1999) and note that Perception no longer lists the Catalina at all.

Can anyone tell me about the Catalina?

Preferable by comparing it to the Carolina so I have an idea of what she is thinking about.

It’s the Carolina LV
Flat bottom hull will rills (maybe not the right technical term) running the center length for a third of the hull for stiffness and tracking. If your Carolina is the older style with the flat bottom hull then you know how the Catalina is going to perform. There was an HV version the Captiva (I think) as well.

See you on the water,


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