Perception Catalina-Paddler size?

I have the chance to purchase a used Perception Catalina 13’6. It’s a bit far to drive so before I make the trip to test it I’d like to see if there are some Catalina owners out here that can tell me their height and weight? I heard this boat is for a smaller person? I am 5’9 and 150lbs…I heard this was a nice boat and I love all Perception Yaks, especially the Carolina:-)

Thanks much!

should be good
I do a lot of instruction for beginner to intermediate paddlers in that kayak. It should fit you well. Is it rotomold or airalite (thermoform) construction? They fit differently due to the different seat/thigh brace styles.

Hi Jesse,

it’s not the airalite it is the regular rotomold plastic, what is the difference in fit?


roto vs thermo fit
Well, I remembered that the Catalina was not offered in airalite until later when it was called the Carolina 13.5, which was a different hull shape. So I guess it doesn’t matter much, but the roto fit slightly smaller due to lower thigh braces and a higher seat.

Thanks so much!

I still use my Carolina
It’s the older rotomolded one, but I’m 5’9" and 250lb and still have fun in it.