Perception Chinook

Anyone have any expierience with the Perception Chinook? Is it a good tracker?


A Chinook you say? Yes it tracks straight, leaky hatches/bulkheads, high back deck, bow purls in light surf, etc…

I believe it was the first rotomolded kayak. It was also my first boat, purchased used 7-9 years ago for $500 with a lendal paddle and a neoprene skirt.

If you’re a big guy looking for a stable beginner boat and it’s $200 I’d say buy it. Any more than that is robbery :slight_smile:

Have one at my sister’s house.
I got one for about $200 on Ebay and it was decent boat. Tracked well, stable. ok to roll and roomy. I would not spend more than $300 for one, but it is a decent starter boat.

call me crazy
well call me emotionally too, the Chinook was my first kayak bought in 1985, still have 2 of them, a yellow and a white. Crazy because I still like the design.

Very dated design, but nice
It was also my first sea kayak, and a joy to behold. Had a lot of fun in that boat and I sometimes wish things were still that simple.

me too
a chinook was the first kayak i paddled. i thought it was awesome! i might buy one myself if it was decent for $2-3c

A Chinook was my first sea kayak. I still have it, and took it out for a paddle last Sunday.

They are stable and track well, but tend to weathercock some without the rudder in the water.