Perception Corona

I’ve a Perception Corona and am in need of the “hard” hatch covers…I’ve been unable to locate them from other sites and am not able to mold my own. Does anyone have access to these or know someone who can mold these…Any assistance would be greatly apporeciated. Thanks

I didn’t see a “Corona” on Perception’s
website, not even as a discontinued model. If they used to make it, possibly they are still making the “hard” hatch covers. Perhaps you’ve asked them? If you can give us a link to a picture of the boat, especially including the hatch structure, maybe someone can think of a way you can get or make covers.

Perception Corona
Thanks, for the tip …I’ve this boat in storage, out of the elements, and will go by my shop next week and get a couple of photos…sure would like to locate or have molded the hard hatch covers…thanks for your response and suggestions…I apppreciate it…


get on the phone and start calling
IIRC it was something like the old Eclipse hatches. I doubt if Perception/Confluence has them anymore and it’s iffy whether there’s anyone there who still remembers that model. When some of these businesses get conglomerated the institutional memory goes. While you’re waiting to get an answer call around to shops. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to find a shop on the other side of the country with a couple sitting in the bottom of a box or in a pile in a closet.

Corona was re-named
to be Eclipse 14 or 15 as I recall. Someone at Confluence should remember that.


that was my first kayak…hence …
my screen name…These hatches were the same as the Shadow and Eclipse hatches from a while back…