Perception Corsica


I’m looking at a used corsica and I’m wondering what kind of feedback those who have used this boat have about it. I searched the archives and read the product reviews but didn’t find too much about this model. I would be using it in a local river for playing in rapids that are about class II to III depending on water level. I’m 5’10’’ 140 lbs.

It is a great boat
I had the Corsica S about 15 years ago.


If Under $200
preferably under $150, then it may be the boat to get you going. Around $300, you’ll have many more options of new, planing hull river runners.

Jack said he had one 15 years ago. That boat you’re looking at may BE 15 years old. Look for fading and cracks from UV breakdown.


good beginner boat

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It's a solid boat for learning whitewater. Although it's design is a bit dated by modern standards, it is still a very capable and quick river running kayak. It would be just fine in class II-III (and beyond) rapids. How much are they asking for it? I would be surprised if a used one went for beyond $200-$300 or so.

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Thank you for your feedback…
…i didn’t realize it was that dated of a model, puts things in perspective a bit. I’m looking for a starter WW kayak. I have a canoe and a SOT kayak but I have no experience with WW kayaks. Any other suggested models?

some suggestions
The following are some great modern river running kayaks which can all be found used at good prices ($300-$600). Most of these models also come in a variety of sizes to fit various body types. Try as many out as you can!

Riot Booster series, Dagger GT series, Necky Jive, Pyhrana Inazone series, Liquid Logic Lil’ Joe or Hoss, Wavesport EZ series, Jackson Fun series… am I forgetting any?

The Riot Booster is a favorite on this forum and on Boatertalk in terms of a solid river running kayak suitable for beginners as well as advanced paddlers. All the above kayaks are forgiving, easy to roll, and are pretty solid all around. Try them out though as they each have different characteristics that may or may not appeal to you.

If it is a Corsica rather than a
Corsica S, you are too light for it. I have a Corsica, purchased in '93, a very good WW cruiser but not that fast and not particularly agile. It is much better than my previous Perception kayak, a Dancer XT. I think you might pass it up, as even some old-school boats (Pirouette, Animas) handle better. Admittedly, the Corsica is faster than nearly all planing hull kayaks (one exception: Prijon Athlete), but the Pirouette and Animas are faster still, plus they handle better.