Perception cracks under seat.. ideas?

I have a perception prodigy 12 and I’ve had it for years. For the last 2 seasons though, I’ve had to get cracks replaced. The last time was pretty bad. the guy that fixed it while on vacation in OBX said he see it a lot with the perceptions under the seat and that just patching it again won’t do much good because the stress will just crack it again. I’m pissed but also wondering if anyone has a novel solution for reducing the stress or engineering the base seat to stop the stress cracks and holes from appearing. I thought maybe just cutting the bottom support out all together but i’m afraid of what that will do with the hanging support. I search the web and seen brief mentions of the issue but no one with a real “solution”

one suggestion
I would be inclined to get some non-absorbent rigid foam and carve pieces to glue under the seat to support it from the hull. Not knowing exactly how and where your cracks are, I can’t be more specific. You could pick up those fat pool noodles and use that material – I’ve used them as material for a lot of kayak modifications.

I think if it was mine, I would
Wet out some fiberglass with G-flex epoxy if I could get at it and make it stronger then the rest of the boat

Jack L