Perception Dancer - first boat

Hi there I am reletively new to white water and have only been kayak surfing a few times I have never bought a kayak before but I found one of these old perception dancers online for about 100 bucks and really just wanted to know A) would these be capable in surf at the beach? B) how would they deal down white water in a river? and C) how big an impact would age have on the plastic of these boats? Thanks

also I am 6 foot 5 and weigh about 90kg which is 198lbs

The Dancer is an all-around boat that will do several types of messy water OK. Surf should be one of them, but it is not a specialty boat.

That said, I cannot comment on your size against the boat. I doubt your weight would be an issue but at that height you might have some critical leg length or foot size issues. And the impact of age would depend on how the boat was stored. The Dancers could be 30 years old at this point, and plastic can get brittle.

I have a friend with one and he does fine with it.


Old school whitewater boat, but it works. I’m pretty sure he takes it in the ocean as well, but he is more likely to surf his sea kayak. He’s a pretty big guy, but not 6’ 5".

Old school boat for old school people. At $100, what do you have to lose, as long as you fit.