Perception Dancer Question

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to adjust the footrests on a Perception Dancer.

There are small black plastic rests on black plastic runners I can see. Unfortunately I can only just reach the rests as a person much taller than me must have used it recently, so I can’t see how to adjust them.

Any help would be mucho appreciated :wink:


there is a lever on the back side of the foot rest. gently sqeeze it to the pedal, rock the pedal a bit to release the catch and slide it to the desired position. If it doesn’t want to move get a light in there and see if it’s gunked up.

a picture might help
You probably have a set of Perception Keepers footbraces in that boat if it is original equipment.

When the lever on the far side of the footpad is squeezed towards the footpad itself, the footpad is freed up on the track and can be slid forward or back.

If your arms are not long enough, and you can get your foot past the footpad, you may be able to hook your foot behind the lever and pull it and the entire footpad back toward the cockpit on the track. If not, you will have to use some sort of tool with a right angle hook to accomplish the same thing.

Here’s a new UK website where
there are some kayakers who may help. Some of them have long arms.

You might be able to get the footrests moving by improvising two hooks, one to pull back on the foot pedal, and one to reach over to activate the release lever.

You may also need outfitting advice, that is, how to get comfortable and firm in the boat so you can learn to roll.

sweet, thanks v much guys, i’ll give your suggestions a go.

and yeah pblanc, thanks for the picture, it’s spot on.

done! I took off the knee braces which gave me a bit more reach and managed to pull them up with my hands. thanks for the help guys