perception dancer was a good boat

thanks for all your advice yesterday the boat was sound in really good shape minus it being purple .even came with a werner carbon paddle and the skirt was practically new.100 bucks was a good deal now im sure

good for you
The paddle was worth $100 or more alone.

It seems you got a great deal? Do you know if the seller has any more boat-paddle combinations for sale at $100? :slight_smile:

not a kayaker but
I do like the old school hulls and the dancer is a pretty one. You got a great deal, and if the hulls still purple, was taken care of.

Chuck & I love our Dancers!

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After paddling Chuck's XT a few years ago I knew I had to have one of my own.

Found a rarely used regular Dancer hanging on the wall at Rutabaga for decoration.....and bought it.

I love it!

In the pic we are both in our Dancers on a gentle part of the Namekagen this May.

Those were good
Ahh the Dancer.

I had one of those so many years ago. Then I got a Dagger RPM and now Iā€™m back in a Nova Craft Canoe.

Your $100 find is making me jealous. Enjoy your new 'yak