Perception Eclipse 17 Airlite

I found a new 2004 Perception Eclipse Airlite 17.0 kayak that is of the ABS type of material for $1,600. It is new but a 2004. Is that a fair price? I also just bought a Hurricane Tracer 165 and like that. I am hoping this new ABS plastic is a good material. Any suggestions or help on the Eclipse would be great. Thanks, Scott

big discount
I’d want a big discount off the list price, which is likely what that price is, for a boat that’s 6 years old. No matter that it’s not been used, if you buy it then sell the next day it’s still 6 years old.

Bill H.

My first kayak (I still have it) was a Perception Sonoma 13.5 Airilite. I have really abused this kayak on rocks and I often ran it over logs in sections of the river that were clogged with fallen trees. Airilite is a tough and almost indestructible material, yet the deck looks as good as fiberglass with gelccoat and it is lightweight (my Sonoma weights about 45 pounds).

I recently purchased a 2008 Epic Sport 18X from the factory for $1,800 that normally retails for $3,000. It had never been paddled, but the deck had been repainted due to an issue with the original paint. An older unused kayak can be a great deal, but make sure you are getting enough discount to make it worthwhile.


I have a
Carolina made out of the same material. I will tell you it is some tough stuff. My Carolina came off the trailer at 50 mph & rolled on the road. All it has is a little road rash. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t busted all to pieces.

As far as it being a fair price. I don’t know. Last spring I found a new 2007 Eclispe rotomolded for $1199.00. I thought that was a good deal.

I took it on a 8 day river trip & was exceptionally pleased with it.

Thanks for everyone’s responses. The retail on the Eclipse is around $2300.00, so I would be saving approx $700 off of retail. Not bad but probably should be a little more off I think since it is 6 years old. I am going to try and work them down more.

ABS is good!
ABS is a good material for kayak construction. I have a 2003 Hurricane Tracer that is wearing quite well.

As far as bargain boats go I’d be more concerned about how well it was put togeter than the material itself. Look at how the deck and hull join together at the seams, look at the how the bulkheads are glued in, look at how the hatch rims are attached. Make sure there are no QC issues!

Regarding price, In 2006 I paid less than half price for a “new” still in factory wrap Hurricane Tracer. But I bought it in mid winter (New England) from a shop that sold mostly white water and rec boats - your mileage may vary.

I have the Eclipse in Rotomold…
The boat is great, all talk of hull material aside…You will probably love the boat if you paddle it.