Perception Eclipse Sea Kayaks

I am interested in this classified ad, and would like to contact the seller.

@jrrebrett Welcome to the forums. When I clicked on the link, I had to sign in again, and then, when I clicked on the CONTACT SELLER button, I got an error.

Something might be up with the forum backend…

And good luck with the Perception(s). I was fortunate to pick a similar one up a year ago. It’s a big, stable, comfortable kayak that can move pretty well too. Mine’s the Airalite.

Thanks for the welcome! I got the same error while trying to contact the seller. I am not sure how to proceed. I know that the Perceptions are pretty much what I am looking for, and there are two. Which is great, because my wife would love to hit the water as well.

Here’s the contact page for assistance:

Send an email to either or They may be able to fix the issue or give you the contact information for the seller.

Also, by the way, you should search your local Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace sites…I’d be surprised if the seller hasn’t posted in other places…

Actually, here you go!


A couple of further comments…looks like this Eclipse is roto-molded, as opposed to fiberglass or airalite. It will be heavy and tough. IMO, it’s priced a bit high for a well used roto-molded kayak.

Also, as I mentioned before, it is a big kayak. I’m 5’6", 155 lbs, and I feel lost in the cockpit. I’m accustomed to a tight fitting Current Designs Solstice GTS (the small version of the Solstice). If you’re a big guy, the fit should be fine. If your wife is petite, she will not have the control for bracing, carving, paddling, etc.

Also, the CL ad notes that one is sold, so you’re probably not buying a matched set anyway…

It’s early in the season, and you have some time to rent different kayaks, try some demos, etc.

Buying used is a good strategy…you can buy a kayak, try it for a while, and then sell it if it’s not the right one for you. Or just keep accumulating them. I now have three hanging from my garage ceiling… :slight_smile: