Perception Enduro to SOT

I currently have a Perception Enduro 12.5. Its been a good boat, but I really want a SOT for easier use for my son and dog. I have listed my Enduro for sale on craiglist and have had little luck at my current price. Then today I had a guy offer to trade for 2006 wilderness systems 13.5 ride. The ride meets what I am looking for, but I don’t want to “give away the farm”… Do you guys think this would be a good swap?

I’m very new here… been paddling for 7-8 years and before marriage just bought a new boat when I wanted one. Now that I am supporting a family its a little more difficult to drop $1K+ on a new boat.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

In retrospect
I think the more appropriate name for this topic is 2007 Enduro for 2006 Wilderness Systems Ride 13.5 a good trade?

Well… was looking for opinions, but I ended up selling my enduro tonight.

I hope I don’t regret switching to a SOT.

Have an Ocean Kayak 13.5 Prowler in mind… have been looking at it for a while.

Thinking of buying tomorrow.

The old style Prowler 13 is better than the new ones if that’s the boat you’re referring to.Is this it?-