Perception Enduro

anyone have this boat? perception bills it as a high end all around boat.

how good is the enduro at what it purports to do?

can you post a link to check out specs?


Used to be Dagger Crossover.
I’m almost sure this boat was marketed by Dagger a few years ago as the Crossover. As the name implies, it was designed to be a tolerably good lake and flat river kayak, and also a tolerable whitewater kayak. In whitewater, they are not all that maneuverable and don’t “play” well at all. However, they would be good for long trips with gear on relatively easy whitewater, such as the Desolation/Grays Canyon section of the Green in Utah.

One alternative which emphasizes whitewater but has decent cruising speed is the Prijon Chopper, which you can see at It is an “old school” kayak, but will run rings around a Crossover.

Dagger and Perception are under the same corporate umbrella, and so molds and models are passed back and forth on occasion.

funny you should mention that
after i posted that question, i found myself browsing the discontinued boats by Dagger. i thought the Crossover looked painfully similar to the enduro.

Nailed it.
It is the reincarnation of the Crossover. Perception went with the “dual density” hatchcover thing that covers the touring lineups of both Perception and Dagger, as well as Wilderness systems boats (different company). I haven’t been impressed with Wildy’s version; maybe Watermark’s are more bombproof. You can still see the recesses in the mold for Dagger’s hurricane hatch covers, which might be a nice addition if you forsee rock dodging in your future. One thing that I wish they had improved upon is the skeg for flatwater. You have to unscrew it from its “up” position, remove it, flip it over and rescrew it down for its “down” position. This means that either you have to get out to do this coming in and going out of the flats, or a partner will have to raft up to you and do it for you. Either way, it cannot be done on the fly where it would be most advantageous. If I found a Crossover used and well priced, I’d be tempted, but I like to kayak camp and it would suit me. I wouldn’t be able to surf in it, nor play in whitewater, nor go the long haul on open water easily. Flatpick put it nicely a while back saying these hybrids are made to go just about anywhere, but at one’s own pace. He said his pick for a single do-all boat would be the Prijon Yukon Expedition. There’s also the Riot Sniper depending on what forte you’re leaning toward.