Perception Essence Backband Dilemma

My Perception Expression 150 is a great kayak but I need to replace the seat with a new back band.
It’s the same back band in the essence kayaks.
They don’t have the same type of cockpit lip as some of the wilderness systems kayaks so using the two small screws inside the lip is not an option. I want to avoid anything that would snag on my skirt and don’t want to drill holes in the cockpit rim like in the dagger stratos or alchemy.
I’d like to take a similar approach to the Perception Essence kayaks. I’ve seen some of the essence back bands use neither screws outside the cockpit lip or strap holes in the cockpit lips. It appears they are somehow attached underneath the cockpit combing. Can some fortunate essence owner post a pic of how your back band is attached.
PS, wish I could find one of these kayaks on craigslist.