Perception Expression reviews anyone

I was pointed in the direction of the Perception Expression while inquiring about skegs and rudders, but now I haven’t been able to find any reviews of the Expression as it seems to be a new boat. Do any of you have this boat and what do you think of it?


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There are two for the Expression 14 on this site in the reviews and one from the UK here,

Expression 15
I’m looking forward to test paddling one of these at an upcoming demo day this spring. Looks like it would be a nice boat for the central NC lakes and more open water near the coast for the short day paddles we tend to do. I wonder if they can be ordered with a backband instead of the high seatback.

I emailed Perception about that. They don’t do the modification at the factory, you have to have the dealer do it, if they will.

the ones I saw had a slot cut in the seat hanger for a backband and also came with an attachment point on the cockpit rim behind the seat. This would make it a rather simple swap out of seat back for backband.

Too funny

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I just came on this site hoping to find info about the Expression, and here it is at the top of the board. I'm looking for something fairly stable and can handle large rivers and bays that may get a bit bouncy. I see that it won an award from some British mag.