Perception hatch cover straps?

Hello to all.

I just picked up a 17 foot Perception Eclipse Sea Lion. As with other Perception kayaks I have picked up and seen, the rear hatch is held down by straps with Fast-Tex buckles. And as with others, the straps are made in a “Y” with one being long and the other the correct length to tighten down against the hatch cover.

So my questions:

Why the 2 lengths of straps? They are obviously made that way for a reason. I just don’t know what that reason is.

If I understand what you’re asking, I think the other/ longer one is so that you can secure something on top of the hatch cover.
I’ve seen those on other Sealions but not on mine. I’ve often been jealous. :joy:
We may have the same yak if yours has the “Eclipse” and the “Sealion” together on the bow.
Would like to see a pic.

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Len's kayak 2 by Steve Zihn, on Flickr

Len's kayak 5 by Steve Zihn, on Flickr

Looks like it might be a different year as mine doesn’t have the Perception logo on the side of the bow.
If I’m correct they didn’t have both Sealion and Eclipse on them for more than a couple years?

It looks as if one of you straps that go across the hard hatch cover is missing?
Mine never had any but the hard cover has shock cord at one end so that you have to pull it forward and up to get it off. Then there is a neoprene cover on the hatch under that. You can see the shock cord on the front one in this photo.

I have my answer. This link was sent to me. I’ll post it here for others to see. The first pictures shows what Perception had in mind and how the rigging was made.