Perception Kayaks

Has anyone heard of an Outsports kayak? Supposed to be a Perception model? Any info would be much appreciated.

Outsports is the place where the kayak was originally purchased not a model.

Got a photo?
Could help identify it.

Perception kayak
I believe this is what there referring to:

If it is the boat in EBay…
It’s a general purpose or old school WW boat. Great fun in the correct environment, which is not the ocean except for something like surfing or similar activity close to shore.

To the OPer - where would you plan to paddle with the boat?

Mass produced boats arent as good as the smaller companies that actually use the products they build.

who doesn’t paddle the boats they build?


Looks like a Dancer

Second the Dancer
Does look like one.

Now c’mon Steve
You don’t really paddle do you?


Does not look like a Dancer
Looks like a Perception Reflex to me.

At first glance it looks like your standard dancer but a closer investigation reveals a reflex.

thank you