Perception KoHo

Hi, I know a guy that has a new koho perception 11.5 ft. kayak he wants to sell. I can’t find any reviews on this kayak.

I’m 230 lbs. 5 ft 10 and would like to be able to put a scuba tank in it, and just float down a slow river I dive often.

I’m not looking for speed, just stable enough to carry me and a tank.

Can anyone give some info on this kayak?

I will be kayaking the south central Texas rivers.

Thanks if you can help.

koho 11.5
I have this same boat, 2004 model. I love mine, by the way. This is from the perception web site. Hope it helps . . .








length - 11’ 2" / 340 cm

width - 28.25" / 72 cm

weight - 52 lbs / 23.6 kg

paddler level - beginner - advanced

max load - 310 lbs / 141 kg

A lady friend has one
she loves it. My wife went paddling with her, and they switched boats (my wife usually paddles either her Hobie peddle boat, or a Perception Caster 12.5. She loved that little Koho. It was a little small for me, but then most boats are. If it is a good price, go for it. It tracks fairly well, holds my 300+ lbs well, and is just fun.

The koho is the reincarnation of the Islander Moku, about which there are several favorable reviews. Good little SOT.

i have been trying to research this boat forever as well. info is about as scarce as the boats are. they may be phasing them out entirely, i’m not sure. i finally decided to order one as just got a fairly large shipment in. they seem like great boats, and comparable to a ws 100-120.

I bought 2 for my wife and myself about 3 months ago for moving water and general playing around and we really like them. They are faster than you would normally think.

really. i would like any information you could provide about the kayak (how you like it, etc) if you wouldn’t mind. as everyone has said, reviews are scarce, i’m not sure why. i was hoping to use it for slow moving rivers, ocean, and like up to class 3 stuff. do you have the thigh braces etc? thank you.

I went with a group of about 30 paddlers on a full moon paddle Saturday nite. There were all types of boats, recs, touring, tandems and I was able to keep up with everyone with no problem at all. The guide even paddled up to me and said he was surprised at how fast the boat was for a SOT, and then he started talking about hull design and all and I just said “yeah, that’s right.” What do I know? I’ve had it in the ocean and just had a blast, although I got dumped a time or 2 surfing back in, but that was due more to my lack of skill than the boat I believe. Also have done some Class II rapids in it with no problems, which is the main reason I got it. But you know, what’s fun is that you can throw your feet over the side, lean back like you’re in an easy chair, or just fall over the side, take a little swim, and then climb back in and paddle on. I don’t have thigh straps yet, but that will be a future purchase. I wouldn’t recommend them for any distance paddling, but with what I’m using them for, I am more than happy. Hope this helps.