Perception (Mainstream) S.O.T. Kayaks

Looking at a 9’2" sot for our daughter. Our local sport shop has a Perception Mainstrean Jazz for sale for 200.00. My question is, I never have kayaked before just paddle a canoe, why are the holes on the bottom of this kayak? Wont water run in and sink the kayak? Sorry if this is a dumb question but it made me curious. Is this a good kayak for our 15 year old? She loves to paddle with me in my canoe and wants a kayak as a grad present.

The “holes” are to let the water
out. They are called scuppers. The boat is hollow, not just a single layer like a canoe. More info at:

So water doesnt come in the holes?

Some comes in…
Depending on how much weight is in the boat but not much.

the kayak is rated for 250 and the only person in it weighs in at 150 pounds. I may even use it here and there and I weigh 190 ponds. Mostly it will be for the kid to use

Well I did it…
broke out the wallete and got the yak. Am I ruined for life now?

Yep, you are dooomed to
a life of enjoying the great outdoors. Seeing wildlife and enjoying beautiful scenery along quiet creeks and small rivers.

It’s really horrible.

FYI, they do make plugs for the scuppers if water is coming up, you can plug the holes. Of couse if water gets in from paddle drips and such, the holes are there to let that water out. I personally don’t mind getting a little wet, but some do.

It’s also great fun to watch canoers sponging out their boat and then suggest they drill them a couple of scuppers.

Another sun summertime thing is to find a small waterfall and fill the cockpit area with water to cool down. Then watch it drain right out.

I have 4 SOTs right now and just love them.